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This is a highly stylized rendering of me. I took the original picture on a particularly lonely night. I thought it appropriate to put here, as it sufficiently portrays that deep ineffable longing to connect, to be seen - yet not too much. This feeling has permeated my being since birth. Maybe you can relate. 


This passion project was put together to ameliorate such feelings. To condense the wisdom of my ages into a few distilled words, maybe a few videos and select product offerings,  before my light is snuffed out. To be heard and perceived by unknown persons, and hopefully appreciated and understood by the same, because sometimes strangers are more receptive to outliers than loved ones.


In essence, I have learned & observed interesting things. I am ready to share and create, if God allows it and blesses it. I hope you enjoy my content and consider supporting my venture. It has been a delight.

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